Moving America Forward with Jason Bauer

Moving America Forward broadcast - 2011

This Week on Moving America Forward we feature the founder & CEO of Azuradisc Inc. Jason Bauer.

Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona in the U.S.A., Azuradisc is a privately held corporation that invents products and provides services for consumers and businesses worldwide.

On this weeks show, the companies founder, and CEO, Jason Bauer will reveal for the first time on national TV a new product and service, that he has been developing for over ten years that has grown into 3 international businesses, and earned him multiple Patents. Moving America Forward, brings you the story of how Jason Bauer, an American entrepreneur born in South Bend Indiana, is building a company potentially worth billions from scratch in the desert of Arizona.

What is Moving America Forward?

As we begin the new decade of this century William Shatner and our famous News Anchors have come together to launch a patriotic program called "Moving America Forward".

This national television show highlights hand picked entrepreneurs in America who have invented a product or service that is helping move our economy forward.

Hosted by icon celebrity William Shatner and interviews conducted by famous TV anchor Doug Lewellen, the products and achievements of the individual(s) are presented and air on this national TV news show. The show is then distributed to the business community and to the entrepreneur's distributers and clients.

Our mission is to help move America forward by giving American entrepreneurs the exposure & recognition they need to succeed.


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