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Disc Repair Service

Mail in Disc Repair Service


Mail In Disc Repair ServiceSend us your Discs!




Mail in Disc Repair Service

Simply Prepay Online,

then send us your discs along with your reciept we will professionally polish your discs using our fully automated machines, then send them back to you.

Once we have received and repaired your discs, we will e-mail you with a tracking number when they are on the way to you.

We ship out via Fed-Ex, which includes tracking and up to $100 insurance!

Disc Repair Machines

Commercial/Industrial CD/DVD High Speed Scratch Removal Machines

Supplies for Machines

Policool Kits, Micro Abrasive Papers, Polish Compounds Polishing Pads Etc.

Clean and Protect your Discs

Anti Static Spray Cleaners, Micro Fibert Wiping Cloths, Scratch Guards, Security Devices, Disc Transporters and Protection

Disc Repair Machines

Supplies for Disc Repair Machines

Clean and Protect your CDs and DVDs


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